Since the outdoor activities are still very limited it is nice to hear that some streets are closing for some fun. reported that Northern Liberties is looking to close its streets to host some outdoor dining and give people something to do.

According to, about half a mile of Northern Liberties will be closed this Saturday, July 11, from 12 pm (noon) until 8 pm. It was also mentioned on Philadelphia Inquirer that the street will be blocked off for outdoor dining and it is considered to be one of the busiest in the Northern Liberties area.

We learned that the “Easy Streets” by the Northern Liberties Business Improvement District outdoor dining fun will be happening on 2nd street from Germantown Ave. all the way to Spring Garden St.

It was mentioned on that there will be about a dozen restaurants participating on the street closure and inviting residents to dine while still practicing social distancing.

Northern Liberties was going to have to battle to see who would attract more business during the street closure but it looks like East Passyunk is no longer having a street closure for outdoor dining. According to, East Passyunk had plans to close some streets for outdoor dining from Friday, July 10 to Sunday, July 12 but due to safety concerns, those plans were shut down.

As of now, the outdoor dining in East Passyunk has been "delayed indefinitely."

So if you want something to do and are tired of eating at home you can have a good time this weekend in the Northern Liberties area.

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