Didn't think this would actually happen but Marshalls officially launched its online store on Tuesday. Even though it sounds a little confusing because all the sizes Marshalls usually has are all on the rack it'll be cool to shop online.

Just to clear some thing up here, GoodhouseKepping.com reported that Marshalls.com will not be having the same exact things as the actual store. It will be offering "its own unique mix of items, just as each brick-and-mortar Marshalls store does." Fox29 mentioned that the Executive Vice President of Marshalls is thrilled to have launched Marshalls.com "which allows customers to shop Marshalls anytime,"

Now another questions is, "are Marshalls store closing in the near future?" The Executive Vice President of the company said that store will not be closing. GoodHouseKeeping.com actually reported that this will bring a lot more foot traffic to the stores.

Now the other question is, "can i return it in store or do I have to mail it in?" According to Good House Keeping customers are able to return the items in store or by mail. That'll continue to be extremely easy.

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