Everyone is always complaining saying, "The mall I go to doesn't have this particular store" or "this mall stinks because it doesn't have want I want." Now, with some of the new stores that are coming near Oxford Valley Mall, maybe we’ll start to ease off on the complaints.

According to Patch.com, four new restaurants, a Hilton hotel, a car wash, a new Wawa and a new bank are just some of the new businesses that are already being built extremely close to the mall.

These new places are going to help in many different ways. According to Patch.com the chairman of the Middletown Township Board of Supervisors has made it his priority to reinvigorate Oxford Valley Mall and the nearby areas. In doing so he is also making an effort to keep the taxes low. If you think about it that is a win-win situation.

It was also mentioned on Patch.com that 2 apartment buildings have been proposed to be built on the Oxford Valley Mall property. Other new businesses such as Chipotle, Metro Diner, Five Guys and The Melt will be located at Lincoln Plaza, 2424 Lincoln Hwy. The new Wawa will be located at 639 Lincoln Hwy.

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