Marshalls is launching an online store later this year. You can't see me, but, I'm jumping for joy!

I'm sooo into home decorating, ok, I'm obsessed. Marshalls is one of those places where you can find unique home decor stuff...stuff you won't see in anyone else's house, for cheap. Clothes too. Who wants to pay a ton for a dress that you're probably only going to wear once?  But, in order to get your pick of the best stuff at Marshalls, you have to stop and shop often (which I do, because the West Windsor Marshalls is very close to the PST studios). But, that's not always easy with my schedule, or when I just want to stay home in my pjs. So, the news of an online shop launching is fantastic.  I know lots of people who would rather search online than search racks at the store. I imagine a world with alerts when new stuff comes in...omg, I'm giddy now.

Marshalls already has a website,, but, you can't shop on it, yet. You can buy gift cards, see some new items that you can pick up in stores, and find a store near you. Well, that's all going to change in late 2019, according to Tip Hero.

Here's hoping Homegoods follows suit. Fingers Crossed.


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