Growing up I think we have all had this vision of fairytale love. We meet a guy young, we reconnect later in the future, and we get married and have a most beautiful family. Unfortunately, we live in the real world and things just don't happen like that. Except this one Jersey couple. There is a couple Ocean County  that has gone completely viral on TikTok for their love story.

Courtney Mahnken is a 4th-grade teacher and her now fiancee, who Nick Monguso works in IT, have the most perfect fairytale love spry I have ever heard. There is a trend on TikTok where people ask question and then they say I go first. You then use that same video with the question and continue to explain your side of whatever the question was. In this situation the question that was asked was, “ Stitch this with the craziest coincidence that has ever happened to you.” Let me just say, this was more than a coincidence. I truly believe this was fate!

 Courtney begins to explain that when she was 14 when her, now fiancé's, mother and her mother were meeting each other for the first time. Her mom immediately said his mother looked so familiar and asked where she gave birth. Courtney said she was  completely embarrassed. But what happened next was so crazy. They found out that they were actually born less than 24 hours apart! But it gets even crazier. Her last name being with Ma, and his Mo, meaning they were placed right next to each other in the baby room and both mothers gave birth next to one another! 

Eventually they broke up when they got to high school, but went to the same college (Rowan University). However, they did not start to date again until after college! After the two graduated from Rowan, they started to date again and have been together ever since. They are set to have their wedding in June of 2022. According to 6abc, they are set to have their wedding in June of 2022. Congratulations to them! ! We love this story!!  Check out the TikTok yourself. 



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