There's an old, antique New Jersey diner from the 1950's up for sale on eBay, and it's cheaper than you think.

Crazy, right? Starting bid is $25,000. That's it? Wow. I think The Crew should buy it. Being from Jersey, it would be so cool to own a diner. Diners are the best.

Sound too good to be true? According to Patch the building is actually for sale, but there's a bit of catch. Though, I don't think it's that bad.

You have to buy the diner "as is" and you have to move it from where it is now, in the Bridgeville section of White Township to where you want it to be.

Perfect, we can plop it somewhere here in Mercer County, do some minor renovations (I would keep the classic diner feel), and open it up. Oh, and by the way, they need it moved out of its current location quickly.

rgsales2 via eBay

Do you want to donate to The Crew's Diner Fund? If we bought it we could call "The Crew's Kitchen." I already have the menu picked out: Chris' Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Dave's Donuts, Tiffany's Tater Tots, and Adam's Avocado Toast. Catchy, right?

I'm totally joking, but, it could be a fun little adventure. We could broadcast from there every morning instead of the studio, so you could come to have breakfast or coffee with us, and be a part of the show.

It hasn't been abandoned for that long. It was the Crossroads Diner until last summer. You can get more details in the eBay description.

rgsales2 via eBay

It says it has an old fashioned counter with stools and a bunch of booths. In fact, there's enough room for about 50 customers.

When I looked there had been only three bids. The auction is scheduled to end tomorrow (Friday) around 4 p.m. Think I can convince our bosses to buy it for our new studio before then?

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