Featured as on of the 19 places to see in New Jersey, Mercer Meadows in Lawrenceville was one the of places to visit this year.

I saw that NJ.com took the time to highlight almost 20 must-see places within the Garden State. I have never lived outside of the Mercer County area and I can't believe that I have never heard of Mercer Meadows before until I read about it.

According to the article, the park is a combination of three properties (Curlis Lake Woods, Rosedale Park, and the Pole Farm) that equal into 1,600 acres in all. There is plenty to do at Mercer Meadows if you like being outdoors. They have hiking trails, biking routes, and fishing.

The article also mentioned one of the best times to visit is during wildflower season in the late summer. I found some pictures that you can see below.

As you walk through Mercer Meadows, you'll encounter quite a few wildflowers when they are in season.

It seems like no matter the season, Mercer Meadows has great scenery to offer local residents.


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