Oprah Winfrey proves to be the gift that keeps on giving with a grant of $500,000 to a NJ high school.

This past Friday, Winfrey visited New Jersey's own West Side High School in Newark. She was touched by the story the school's principal, Akbar Cook,and his altruism and concern for his students at West High.

This story may have been heard before on the Ellen DeGeneres show in which he was gifted $100,000 in support of Cook's "Lights On" initiative which promotes children's safety in the city of Newark. Last year, Cook also went so far as to use his own money to install washing machines in the school to benefit students that could not was their clothes at home, in order to combat bullying.

Actions such as these moved Winfrey to help Cook continue to better the lives of his students. She surprised students at a pizza party they were told she provided but no one was prepared for what came next. NJ.com reported, “I heard about West Side and all of the great things that are happening here," Winfrey said at Friday's surprise. “I thought, ‘what can I do?’".

This thought led to her gifting the school with $500,000 to help their principal further his initiatives at West High and around the city of Newark. Oprah's surprise brought even more exposure to Cook's work his work, sparking recognition from the likes of Newark's former mayor, Senator Cory Booker!

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