Need some weekend plans? There are free movies this Friday and Saturday in the Cure Insurance Arena parking lot according to an email sent out by the Mercer County Park Commission.

The Cure Insurance Arena located in Trenton, NJ, is having free movies in their parking lot Friday, August 6th, and Saturday, August 7th.

On Friday, August 6th, the 2020 action movie Tenet will be shown. The movie will begin at 8:30pm and the parking lot will open at 7:30pm.

On Saturday August 7th, the 1992 baseball comedy, A League of Their Own will be shown in the parking lot. The movie will begin at 8:30pm and the parking lot will open at 7:30pm.

Admission is free for both nights and there will be vendors on site for things to purchase. They are not allowing outside food and drinks to be brought in.

For more information please click here.

I think a lot of people expected for life to be back to normal by now. By normal I mean, no more face masks, no proof of vaccines when you enter a restaurant or certain establishments and heading back to movie theaters.

Unfortunately, with the new Delta variant and COVID cases and deaths rising again, we are not able to fully go back to our normal lives. The CDC now recommends that even vaccinated people wear masks indoors and they are encouraging everyone to get a vaccine.

It's super sad because once I got my COVID vaccine, I felt a lot safer and started doing things again that I wasn't doing during the pandemic. I feel like this pandemic is never ending and I can't tell you how I just wish everyone would get vaccinated. PLEASE! I'm done with this pandemic. Forever.

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