If you have a heavy foot and are always going faster than the speed limit you better watch out, especially if you are driving in Bucks County or the Philadelphia area. According to Patch, local police departments along with state police will be looking out even more intensely for those that drive over the speed limit.

We learned from Patch that law enforcement officers will be looking for "aggressive behaviors, which can include speeding, distracted driving and work zone violations." The cops will be hiding in an effort to get all of the reckless drivers out there. It was also stated on Patch that police officers will use "traffic enforcement zones, increased patrols, speed enforcement mechanisms and work zone enforcement."

They are not playing around. Drive safe and you will avoid tickets. Not only that, your insurance policy will not become more expensive. I personally complain about car insurance being so expensive so I know I definitely wouldn't want that to go up any higher.

This is not the first time that law enforcement officers get a little more aggressive with catching drivers that are going over the speed limit. Patch shared that during last year's campaign law enforcement officers gave out over 20,000 speeding tickets.

That is a large number of tickets given out just for speeding.

One other thing that law enforcement officers are going to be looking for is drivers that tailgate. I know a lot of people who love doing that for no reason. You better watch out if you are that person because that can get you a citation as well.

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