Friday, May 17th, I got my very first speeding ticket. NOT FUN! I know you feel a little bad for me and you're like, "Thank God, I haven't gotten one yet." You better watch out though, because according to Philadelphia Magazine speed control cameras will be installed in Philly this year. The cameras will be on Roosevelt Blvd, all the way to the bounding line of Philly, and throughout Bucks County. mentioned that one of the main reasons why the cameras are being installed in these areas is because Roosevelt Blvd is considered one of the countries most dangerous roads. In the span of 4 years, 2013 - 2017, there were over 130 fatalities and serious injuries combined on the boulevard.

The speeding tickets will range from $100 to $150, all depending how much you are going over the speed limit. If you are caught speeding you will be receiving a the fine through the mail.

It is pretty promising that these cameras will be installed sometime this year after Philadelphia City Council all unanimously voted to install the speed control cameras.

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