We Finally Have A Date.

 It’s felt like it’s been forever that we’ve been waiting for some new dining spots around the area. Well, we finally have an open date for 2 very popular restaurants. First being Chipotle. I’m gonna be honest with you….I JUST had Chipotle for the first time not too long ago and it did NOT disappoint. Unfortunately, the only two Chipotle’s I know of are pretty far from one another; one being in Neshaminy and the other being in Princeton. When I heard they were opening one by Oxford Valley Mall I was ecstatic. According to levittownnow.com this new location will be opening up on Wednesday, November 27, but that’s not the only thing opening in the area.

 On Tuesday November 19, Metro Diner will be making its grand entry into the area. It gets better. Metro Diner will open up right next to Chipotle! You can have a steak burrito for lunch and chicken and waffles for dinner. I can’t wait.

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