The Paranormal Cirque is BACK in the area for an extremely limited time!

The event is called The Paranormal Cirque and it was just at the Quaker Bridge Mall this past July, but it has a new home for 2 weekends this spooky season!

This week, from October 6th through  October 9th, experience this paranormal circus adventure right in Bucks County, PA!

I went to do a little bit more research about the event and as soon as I went to their website, the first thing I see is a warning sign with an age requirement to enter.

These events are apparently “Rated R” and you must be 17 with a valid photo ID. They're not kidding around either, it must be an ID with a photo ID that includes your birthday to purchase yourself a ticket to the show.

All other people attending this event who are 17 and under will have to be accompanied by an adult 21 years or older, but you must be at least 13 to enter the event at all.

The event is a haunted circus type of show with acrobatics, stunts, and more which is perfect for this time of year! I saw the show when it came to Lawrenceville in the parking lot of the Quaker Bridge Mall, and strongly recommend going if you haven’t yet!

You walk through a haunted walk-through with the actors peering behind each wall before you go inside and take your seat.

This is all happening from October 6 - October 9 at the Oxford Valley Mall in Langhorne, PA. You can get your tickets HERE right now. In total there are 6 shows and tickets are ranging anywhere from $10 to $50.

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