If you're one of those people who leave your dog or cat in a hot car because you're just running into a store and think they will be okay, well guess what? Your car may be now be broken into by police and they aren't liable for the damage!

According to a new law in Pennsylvania, that went into effect Monday, states that authorities including law enforcement officers, animal control officers, and other authorities are not liable for the damage to your motor vehicle or whatever is inside of it if they have to break in to get an animal out. So say, it's a hot day outside and you leave little Sparky in the car while you run into the grocery store for milk. If someone sees little Sparky and reports it, authorities can break in. They can only break in if they have "reasonable belief" the animal is in danger or suffering harm. Then, if you come out of the store and see a broken window or see that something has been taken from your car because of a broken window, authorities will not have to pay for it.

Authorities do have to make a huge effort yo locate the driver of the vehicle before breaking in, so hopefully you're close by before they break in. If a random person breaks into your car, they will be liable for the damage to your car. The law does not cover them. There are many people who beleiev they need to be the hero and break a dog or cat out of a hot car, however, authorities urge those kinds of people to please call them instead.

Bottom line...don't leave your animal in a hot car! The police will find you and they will break in!

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