Hard Cider? Yes!

Hard Iced Tea? Yes!

Hard Lemonade? Heck yeah!

Hard Coffee? Hard pass.

Big shout out to The Philadelphia Inquirer writer, Nick Vadala for doing the dirty work and trying out Pabst Blue Ribbon’s new beverage, hard coffee.

We're sure that we all have tried spiked coffee before with Bailey’s or whatever else but coffee with beer in it? No thanks.

According to the Inquirer, the hard coffee has a 5% Alcohol volume on top of 30 milligrams of caffeine—wow all that in an 11 oz. can?!

This new and interesting beverage is only being sold in a few states, New Jersey and Pennsylvania being two of them.

While we’re definitely hating on the drink right now, The Philadelphia Inquirer actually said that the drink was sweet and said it was like an “alcoholic version of Starbuck’s canned Doubleshot coffee, or a vanilla Monster Java.”

Pabst Blue Ribbon even has an online locater you can use to find yourself a hard coffee if you feel the urge to taste it.

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