Sometimes you see a photo floating around the internet and think, "that's too good to be true". That's how I felt when I originally saw a DOUBLE bread bowl from Panera. Well, I've pinched myself and turns out the amazing news is true.

Launching today AKA Valentines Day, Panera will be offering double bread bowls.

Credit Panera Via Bustle
Credit Panera Via Bustle

According to Bustle -

Panera is only bringing it back starting Valentine's Day, Feb. 14, for a limited run that will end on Feb. 28. (For those of you who forgot February is a rudely short month, that is, in fact, the end of it.) It will retail for $9.99, which means that you and your Valentine can celebrate the holiday and the majesty of your love for a mere $5 each, give or take a few dozen giant Chocolate Chip Chipper cookies.

No better way to celebrate Valentines Day than a conjoined bread bowl with your significant other. Single? Go at it, you've got this. I have all the faith in the world one human can tackle this double bread bowl alone.

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