It took quite a while, but long last, this long-awaited asian-style dim sum, bun and noodle restaurant has seen the light of day!

Finally Papa Noodles, located at  746 Rte 70 West, in Marlton NJ is OPEN! Check out this update from a community Facebook page.

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There was quite bit of drama along the way with this opening! Last year, it was reported that the long-awaited restaurant wouldn't be opening at all due to labor shortage and inventory issues. It was disappointing since the community was eager for it to open.

"Noooo, I was so looking forward to it," said one Facebook user

"Is this spot cursed or what! I’m disappointed about this one," said another.

"What a shame every business that has tried to succeed at this location has closed down. I just drove by there the other day and was going to try it," said someone else.

So how was Papa Noodles able to finally open? The old owners who couldn't open the restaurant sold it to new owners, who kept the name and got the restaurant back on track, according to Facebook page A View From Evesham.

Credit: Facebook/papanoodlesrestaurant
Credit: Facebook/papanoodlesrestaurant

Their menu includes an assortment of soup dumplings, along with steam and pan-fried pork, chicken, vegetable, and crabmeat dumplings. There's also a nice variety of dim sum and steamed bun options along with Peking duck, wings, and more!

So glad the new owners were able to get this place on its legs. Let's hope they stick around for a long time!

Will you be checking this place out? If you already have, let us know your verdict!

Go ahead and follow them on their Facebook page HERE.

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