Even in the midst of destruction and danger, Eagles fandom prevails.

We've all been seeing the terrifying footage of the effects Hurricane Ian is having in Florida. Street roads look like raging rivers. Cars and buildings are being carried away by water. Homes are flooded. Cities are evacuated. Power is completely lost. We won't know just how devastating the results will be until after it's through.

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But that wasn't enough to keep this ballsy Eagles fan down.

Gabe Ferraro, who is originally from Pennsauken, New Jersey, but now lives in Cape Coral, Florida,  has caught the attention of thousands of viewers for this video he posted on Facebook. You can see him running out to the street in the whipping hurricane winds for one purpose: to fly his Eagles flag. Check out the bold, yet VERY risky video below:

The video is captioned: "Just in case I don’t make it. Go birds"

This is a darkly humorous moment, but make no mistake: Ferraro's situation (and hundreds of thousands of other's) is pretty scary. According to 6 ABC Philadelphia, he says "I've lost my entire fence. All my shingles in my house are gone. We've got trees down everywhere. People have lost power."

He also says, "It's one of the scariest things I've ever seen in my life."

Check out the full 6 ABC story down below:

Don't forget to check in with our chief meteorologist Dan Zarrow's daily forecase for all the latest on the Hurricane and how it will affect New Jersey. Click HERE. 

We're keeping everyone severely affected by this storm in our thoughts.  Also you should NEVER GO OUTSIDE IN THE MIDDLE OF A HURRICANE!

...And Go Birds!


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