I've been around smokers my entire life. Almost everyone in my family smokes and frankly, I find it disgusting. Being that I am 7 and a half months pregnant, I am constantly finding myself trying to avoid cigarette smoke wherever I can. I also have given my family members a stern talking to about their habits once my son enters this world. I understand it's an addiction, I know my family members have tried to quit multiple times, but I still won't have it around my child. I know many states have tried to regulate the legal age where people are allowed to smoke in order to prevent young people from doing it and Pennsylvania just took a huge leap.

According to The Patch, the minimum age to buy cigarettes and vaping products has now gone up to 21. The State's Governor intends to sign a bill that will put this new smoking age into effect beginning July 1st. After that anyone under 21 caught buying these products will be issued a summary offense, which is a minor crime, but a big inconvenience.

Congrats Pennsylvania on trying to limit the sales of tobacco and vaping products to young people. I hope this makes a difference in the health of our young people.

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