New Year, new laws!

It's almost time to say goodbye to 2023, and hello to a new round new state laws that will go into effect in 2024 in Pennsylvania!

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Dog Law - Omnibus Amendments

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For all the dog lovers and soon-to-be dog lovers, this bill makes amendments to the state's dog law. The bill changes how licenses are issued, rules for kennels, and penalties for violators.

Military Personnel - Student Residency

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This bill grants military students stationed at a Pennsylvania outpost limited residency.

"An act conferring limited residency status on military personnel, their dependents and civilian personnel assigned to an active duty station in Pennsylvania," further providing for residency of students.


Enforcement of Failure to Stop for School Bus With Flashing Red Lights

A law that will help keep more students safe. This bill will “extend and revamp the school bus stop arm automated enforcement program.” Along with extended enforcement of this rule, violators will face a penalty.

Preferred Organic Program Trademark

This bill will identify and highlight Pennsylvania organic products to help organic consumers know they're getting what they expect. These items will be marked with the PA Preferred Organic brand

"By making Pa produced organic products easily identifiable and encouraging our farmers to produce more organic products in-state, Pennsylvania farmers can continue to benefit from this rapidly expanding market."

Flood Insurance Premium Assistance Task Force

Flooding is becoming more prevalent in Pennsylvania, and this bill will help you be prepared. This bill will help homeowners obtain affordable flood insurance.

"The task force would issue recommendations regarding potential programs that provide premium discounts, programs that incentivize local governments to support flood mitigation efforts and the implementation of any necessary changes to state statute or policy regarding the administration of flood insurance."

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