Whether you think you're not affected by the coronavirus, sooner or later you will be. I don't mean the actual virus, I mean with tons of businesses closing. Some people will be losing their jobs and will not be able to pay their bills during this time. People like restaurant and bar staff as well as other stores that pay by the hour that will not be paid because they are not working. It is very unfortunate and some people don't even know what to do.

There may be some relief coming from Pennsylvania according to The Patch. The announcement comes from the Secretary of Labor & Industry who said if you work in Pennsylvania, and your workplace has closed or gone out of business, you may be eligible for some unemployment benefits or workers' compensation. I think this can be a big relief to some people who can get some extra money to help pay bills and provide for their family.

Check out this article from The Patch to see if you're eligible. You can make your claim here.

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