Snow is coming! We can already feel it in the air. We are at the end of October and the need for a coat is crucial. I don't know about you but I have already busted out my Uggs.

There is no doubt that Pennsylvania is in for a cold winter. But it may come sooner than expected. According to AccuWeather's 2021-2022 predictions, the entire northeast can expect its first waves of brisk air starting the first day of November. So get to the pumpkin patch while you can and get your apple picking out of the way. Because come November, weekend activities inside of the house under a warm blanket will probably be more appealing.

Get ready to bring out the trench coats, furry sweaters, and north face jackets within the next few weeks, especially if you live in Central Pennsylvania. AccuWeather's Senior Meteorologist Paul Pastelok says that "there could be a couple of rounds of cold weather and some snow,” the first two weeks of November.

Remember how much snow we got last winter season?  I hate being reminded. I just start having flashbacks of me getting off of work at midnight trying to shovel my car out of the snow in the dark alone. Well, it looks like we're in for another winter season again this year. According to AccuWeather, we can expect "near- to slightly above-average" snow in the City of Brotherly love. The average snowfall we got last year was 23.9 inches. This year our state is predicted to get snow averaging between 20-26 inches.

Brace yourselves people!


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