Whenever it gets cold or it's a rainy day, I always feel bad for people who have to be outside at their jobs all day. Even delivery drivers who have to get in and out of their vans and trucks to deliver packages to people's houses. Even though they aren't stuck outside all day like gas station attendants and others who work outside, I still feel for them. Just like Santa, this is a busy season for delivery drivers.

With big online ordering giants like Amazon, people are getting packages delivered to their houses around the clock this time of year and people have been starting to leave snacks and refreshments along with a nice little note on their porches for thier delivery drivers. And Why not? These deliver drivers are working around the clock to delivery packages to make your holiday season more convenient.I bet a kind little gesture like this would make their day.

Believe it or not, this trend actually started a few years ago, according to The Patch. According to Scary Mommy, some of the drivers even got a good laugh out of it.

This is a trend I am definitely getting on board with. Especially since I order so much online during the holiday season. I love this idea.


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