If you ever want to break up with your partner but don't know how exactly to do it, pay a celebrity to do it for you! It seems that in the midst of this global pandemic people are finding more creative ways to end relationships since not everyone can do it in person. At the beginning of the pandemic the term "zumping" was born. Zumping is a generation Z term for breaking up with someone over zoom. Well now, through the cameo app you can have a celebrity end a relationship for you.

According to Inside Hook, as of recently people have been breaking up with their significant others via Cameo. Normally the service is used to pay celebrities to record a video message to a loved ones. Whether its a congratulatory message, a happy birthday shoutout or even a get well soon video, Cameo usually is used for positivity. Well, very fitting for the year we just had, that went in a different direction and the latest trend is to use the service for breakups, divorces and to hurt people's feelings.

According to Inside Hook, Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath has become a popular choice for Cameo users looking to break up with their partner for them. He has been dubbed as he “face of breakup Cameo” after delivering a total of 15 messages so far.

“In a million years, I would not accept that role,” he told the New York Times. “I’m doing these Cameos for fun! I wouldn’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings.”

Matthew Perry has also been a go to for this sad responsivity. According to Inside Hook, he has even delivered divorce messages! So if you feel as though your relationship has expired, get a celeb to break the bad news for you.


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