Coffee lovers are getting just one more option to get your daily dose of caffeine. This time around is Pepsi the one that is making your addiction to caffeine even better. mentioned that Pepsi is releasing a coffee soda. It was reported that the drink will be called Pepsi - Café - Cola with Coffee. According to Delish, the Pepsi drink will come in two different flavors and those two flavors are Original and Vanilla.

It was also mentioned on that the Pepsi coffee drink will be coming to the United States in April of 2020. That sounds pretty far away but really it's not because 4 months will go by crazy quick.

This new Pepsi Café sounds like it will have a very unique taste. Delish reported that Café smell on the drink is extremely strong but the taste is not as strong.

I am not a coffee drinker but this is one that I just might give a shot since it will only be out for a limited time, according to CNN twitter.

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