If we were to ask people in the Philadephia area, "which alcoholic beverage is consumed the most in the City of Brotherly Love,” we would easily think that its some kind of hard seltzer.

According to Inquirer.com, Philadelphia is the city that drinks the most Twisted Teas Light in the country.

Would that have been your guess? Probably not.

Twisted Tea shared on Twitter a ‘heat map’ that showed multiple cities that drank a lot of Twisted Tea Light. While it was obvious that lots of cities enjoy Twisted Tea Light, there was no other city as ‘hot’ as the Philadelphia area. There are a total of 6 different states showing on Twisted Tea's heat map, Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas, Arizona, California, and Washington.

Obviously this is just another thing that residents of Philadelphia take pride in. Philadelphia Twitter users went on the social media platform and shared their Twister Tea Pride. Some were asking for a Twisted Tea Light keg and others said, "Gotta keep those numbers up all year long!"

If you are partying with someone from the Philly area and are trying to surprise them with a drink just remember more than likely they'll like Twisted Tea Light.

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