Ellen just makes me so happy. Her personality is so big and I love that she does what she wants and doesn't care what people think of her. She captures the hearts of many and inspires many in the gay community. A gay couple from Philadelphia who absolutely loves her just got the opportunity of a lifetime from her.

According to Huffington Post, Kate proposed to her girlfriend Sarah in front of the Eiffel Tower in France. It was a beautiful moment between the two of them all caught by a photographer. Afterwards she tweeted at Ellen and Chrissy Teigen inviting them to the wedding.

The tweet caught Ellen's attention and the couple was invited to come to Ellen's show and sit in the audience. Ellen told them to come on down and be her next guests after reading Kate's tweet Show Me Your Tweets. Kate and Sarah sat next to Ellen on her couch and told her their story. They had always talked about getting engaged and agreed that Kate would propose to Sarah, and at the wedding Ellen then said she had a surprise for them. After she took a commercial break, Ellen surprised the couple with a few family members and friends. Sarah was then able to propose to Kate on the set of Ellen and in front of their family and friends and she even gifts them with something they can use for their wedding.

Ellen's message at the end of this video makes me tear up. What a beautiful story.

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