Philadelphia fans have a reputation.

We have all heard the stores of unruly fans and fights at games, typically associated with having too much to drink before and during the game.

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Well, a new survey from revealed which fan base is most likely to get physical. It turns out, Philadelphia Eagles fans are living up to their reputation, earning the #1 spot for most likely to provoke and win a fight.

Full disclosure, I have been going to games in Philadelphia pretty much my whole life, and have never seen a real fight break out in the stands, though I'm not suggesting they don't occur.

I have been to games in other cities where I have witnessed fights break out, but nothing like the fight that broke out at the Rams-Titans game on Sunday night.

The survey also suggests that 62% of fans think people who start fights during games should be banned for life and how many believe the league should do more to stop them. Meanwhile, 58% also feel that the NFL should do more to prevent physical altercations from happening.

Raiders, Steelers, Patriots, and the Cowboys round out the top five list of “biggest provokers” in the NFL.

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