Ever been to a rage room? They are becoming a popular way for people to relieve their stress and aggravation without getting arrested. You just go into a rage room and they give you a hammer and you just start smashing. I definitely think if you've had a bad day, this could be something that could benefit someone who doesn't know how to express their anger. Or it could be one awesome girl's night!

According to NBC Sports Philadelphia, The Philadelphia Flyers just debut a rage room inside the Wells Fargo Center. The rage room or disassembly room as they are calling it, will be open starting tomorrow when the Philadelphia Flyers take on Devils in this season's home opener. So when the Flyers lose and you're super angry about it, just head on over and take out your aggression in the room. The rage room is apart of a huge remodel of the Wells Fargo Center that is supposed to be amazing.

Check out a preview of the rage room below and check it out the next time you're in Philly.

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