I will never forget the FIFA World Cup of 1994 because my dad didn't bring my brother and I with him to watch the United States men's national soccer team play a game. Yes, he went without us. I've been waiting for the FIFA World Cup to come back to the states and it looks like it'll be happening in 2026.

To make it even better for you soccer lovers like myself, one or perhaps multiple games can possibly happen here in the City of Brotherly Love. You have no idea how happy that makes me. The news was recently shared by Inquirer.com, where it was also stated that Philadelphia is one of 5 different cities in the North East side of the country that is being considered to host FIFA World Cup games. If Philadelphia is chosen as one of the cities to host games we would like to assume that it is likely that it'll happen at the Lincoln Financial Field.

Inquirer.com also mentioned that once it is safe to do so FIFA will send its people out to make it official and decide which stadium will actually be hosting games. Obviously, because of the pandemic, many of the plans have been changed.

The bad thing about everything that is happening is that it is still not official that Philadelphia will be hosting a World Cup game but the positive thing is that we also have a chance to go watch a game in the New York/New Jersey area. Both of these states are also being considered to host World Cup games.

According to FIFA.com, these are the cities that are being considered at the moment: Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Cincinnati, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville, New York/New Jersey, Orlando, Philadelphia, San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, and Washington DC.

Mexico and Canada will also host a few games but FIFA is considering a bigger amount of cities in the US.


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