The no traffic drives were fun while they lasted. As some people are actually going back to work at their actual offices, we are starting to get caught in traffic once again. Speaking of driving, do you think you drive in one of the worst cities to drive in? If you drive in Philadelphia often just know that your answer should be "yes I know I do." recently put out a list called "2020’s Best & Worst Cities to Drive in" and Philadelphia happens to be the 99th overall worst city to drive in out of 100 of the largest cities in the country. The City of Brotherly Love takes the 99th spot for many reasons.

According to, all of the cities that were part of this survey were compared on "31 key indicators of driver-friendliness." It was also stated that the data ranged from "average gas prices to annual hours in traffic congestion per auto commuter to auto-repair shops per capita."

Here are the rankings for Philadelphia:

  • 'Cost of Ownership and Maintenance' - 85th spot
  • 'Traffic and infrastructure' - 97th spot
  • 'Safety' - 82nd spot
  • 'Access to Vehicles and Maintenance' - 77th spot

Not the best rankings all across, but still a beautiful city, though.

During these tough times traffic is probably only going to get worse since many people don't want to use public transportation due to the fear of the coronavirus. We can’t blame anyone for having that mindset. We all want to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

To top it all off, not only is Philadelphia considered one of the worst cities to drive in but also holds one of the highest parking rates tied with Boston and New York City.

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