We can easily say that there are a ton of terrible drivers out there but is that what is making Philadelphia one of the worst cities to drive in?

According to Wallet Hub, Philadelphia is the 4th worst city to drive in. That is not something to be proud of.

But what is really making Philadelphia the worst city to drive in?

The “Cost of Ownership & Maintenance” is not good. “Traffic & Infrastructure” is not the best. Safety is considered one of the worst and “Access to Vehicles & Maintenance” is towards the bottom of the ranking as well.

Here are the exact rankings out of 100 major cities across the country according to Wallet Hub.

  • Cost of Ownership & Maintenance -  Philadelphia takes the 85th spot.
  • Traffic & Infrastructure - Philadelphia takes the 96th spot.
  • Safety -  Philadelphia takes the 79th spot.
  • Access to Vehicles & Maintenance - Philadelphia takes the 74th spot.

That is pretty rough right there.

Philadelphia ties with New York City as the two cities with the “Highest Annual Hours Spent in Congestion.”

To top it off, if you are looking for a parking spot in the City of Brotherly Love you must know that you are going to pay for the “Highest Parking Rate” in the country, according to Wallet Hub.

Wallet Hub made it known that to find all this information and be able to rank 100 large cities they had to look at "average gas prices to annual hours in traffic congestion per auto commuter to auto-repair shops per capita."

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