Get Twisted, Philadelphia! 

We all love enjoying a cold, adult beverage after a long day. Twisted Teas have been around for over 20 years now and the brand has picked up a lot of hardcore fans over the years. If you're not a beer drinker, but also not in the mood for a mixed liquor drink, Twisted Tea is always a safe option to choose when you want to unwind.

@twistedtea via Instagram
@twistedtea via Instagram

Twisted Tea themselves have posted a map of the most Twisted Tea obsessed states across the U.S. and Philadephia has taken the top spot! On the map it looks like there are a lot of people enjoying 'Tweas' in places like Washington, Arizona, California, Texas, Florida, and of course, Philadelphia.

The map is captioned "Actual map of Twea Light consumption in the US" and Philadelphia is the hot spot!  Would you have guessed this would have been majorly popular in Philadelphia of all places? I always thought that Twisted Teas were just wildly popular because they're sold in just about every bar and liquor store in the Philadelphia/New Jersey area.

Apparently, we are the nation's hot spot for Twisted Tea Light, according to Inquirer! The alcohol brand, Twisted Tea, was created back in 2001 and has really contributed to changing the alcohol game forever. You no longer have to choose between hard liquor, beer, or wine. You can have a refreshing canned or bottled drink that tastes like a glass of sweet tea.

So, the next time you go over to a friend's house in Philadelphia and don't know what to bring, It's safe to say a case of 'Tweas' is acceptable.

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