Major League Baseball is back. What better time for the Philadelphia Phillies to unveil the minor makeover of the Phillie Phanatic.

The changes are hard to notice but they come after multiples decades of the Philadelphia Phillies’ mascot looking the same. According to, the changes for the Phillies mascot are being made because the baseball franchise is close to the end of the agreement with the original designers of the Phillie Phanatic.

@MarcFarzetta on twitter pointed out the differences between the "old" mascot and the new one. It helps that Farzetta posted pictures side by side to be able to notice the differences because if he didn't you'd sit there for a while trying to figure it out.

"@ 1st Glance: L-Old, R-New -1. Lighter Green 2. Hands free from fur 3. Blue around eyes, Lighter & more of it 4. Stars outline Eyes 5. Blue Socks 6. Red Shoes 7. Laces drawn on 8. Scale-like trim under the arms 9. (not pictured) Solid blue tail not green & blue" also reported that fans shouldn't look for changes with the way the Phillie Phanatic acts because that will never change. After seeing the post by the Philadelphia Phillies twitter account, we couldn't agree more.

Meanwhile, the original creators of the Phanatic are accusing the team of an "affront" to their intellectual property rights, reports. The team has not responded to their legal claims, the site reports.

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