Exercise trends and videos have been circulating as all the extra home time people have gained from the COVID-19 shutdown has promoted at-home work outs to become more popular. Many motivational body image posts and health bloggers share achievements to encourage others to take part in different health practices.

One man in Philadelphia took a rather unique route, as he traced the entire Pennsylvania city in a 76-mile run. Michael Gagliardi followed the entire, massive border of the city on a run and has named it the Philly Four Corners run. According to Billy Penn, he created turn-by-turn directions to follow his route for ultrarunners, those who enjoy the thrill and challenge of a marathon.

He encourages all levels and types of people to take advantage of his map. Runners, walkers and even bikers can certainly take on this path to challenge themselves during this time or any other day they feel up to it.

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