I used to work with a woman who was a full time sign language interpreter. She would go to school with kids and sign in their hands what their teacher was saying. She was an amazing person and loved her job and she was very good at it. I always wanted to learn basic sign language and my husband took a beginner's course in college and I was so jealous. Even with sign language and interpreters, people who are deaf or hard of hearing still struggle. Which is why a 12 year old from Plainsboro came up with another way to help them communicate.

According to News 12, Faraz Tamboli, created a device called TalkMotion that will take sign language and translate it to spoken words for those who can hear. It will also take spoken words and turn them into sign language. He was even picked to bring his device to the National 3M Young Scientist Challenge. The challenge will be held in Minneapolis and he could win $25,000.

To read more about Farukh Tamboli and his amazing device for the deaf, click here.

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