It's a bird! It's a plane ! Wait no, it's actually a plane. Can you imagine driving and just seeing a plane land? I mean we see this all the time but I mean seeing a plane landing where you are driving at the moment? That is exactly what happened recently and I kid you not, I would have lost my entire mind.  let me explain exactly what happened

I have always thought about how people learn to fly. Do they have to get a license for it and they just kind of take off? Do they buy a plane first? Like how does that actually work? Well I think I'm getting a little glimpse of what actually happens.

A student pilot and an instructor were going on a little flight. Nothing crazy.  They were learning all the basics when all of this sudden they had to make an emergency landing. It's not the emergency landing that is scary, it's where they had to land. According to they landed right on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Do you know how often I use the turnpike? I think I would have fainted! is saying that no one really knows exactly why the plane had to make an emergency landing. Now, as somebody that does not fly planes I say that is pretty scary, but especially for somebody that is just learning to fly a plane. I think that would end my flying days for me. I would just give up my dreams of being a pilot. What they are saying though is that they did a great emergency landing and no one was injured. If you're curious as to where exactly this plane landed, it landed right between the Lebanon-Lancaster and Harrisburg east exits, and was coming from right here in Trenton. 



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