I am very honest about where I've come from and what I've done before I joined Chris and the Crew and even while I've been on air with Chris and the Crew. I was a waitress and I started when I was 18 and continued on and off until I was about 31. I started out working at Applebees for about 3 years and then began waitressing at Houlihan's, where I worked at different locations for about 6 years. I loved working at the Bridgewater and Princeton locations, but loved the Princeton location the best. Probably because I ran into so many PST listeners while working there. I've seen many things as a server. I've had guests come in and dine with me day after day, year after year that have out a smile on my face and I've had the most disgusting people come in and make my night a living hell. I tried to focus on the positive people because I am a positive person, but sometimes it can be tough and I don't think a lot of people realize that when they are dining out and about to get nasty with their server.

My family and I went to Hightstown last night for some outdoor dining. The weather was perfect and I actually called the restaurant on Tuesday to make a reservation because I knew it would be packed. We sat down at 5:30 and it started filling up. Soon the entire outdoor dining area was filled and the servers were not necessarily ready for it. I could tell each server had a lot of tables and they were running amuck. My family and I were well taken care of, the food was delicious and we had everything we needed, but I could tell people around us were getting impatient. I get it, you're out to dinner and you want to be taken care of and waited on. However, many restaurants may have had to cut their wait and kitchen staff because of the coronavirus shutdown and now that things are picking up again, they may have not staffed as many servers as they should have for a random Thursday. I do not think they anticipated an extremely warm say to come so quickly. People definitely took advantage of it and came out and I actually hope all the servers made a ton of money last night, they deserve it and it's a long time coming for them.

I just ask for you to be kind to the waitstaff wherever you are dining. The weather is getting nicer and restaurant capacities are getting larger as well. I know people want to get out since they have been cooped up and that is fantastic. If the service is not as speedy as you remember, just relax, have some patience. Take a sip of your drink and just take it all in. By that I mean, be grateful that we are almost out of this pandemic and we're actually allowed to eat at a restaurant again. This is all part of the rebuilding process and we have to do it together.

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