PHILADELPHIA — The money raised via a GoFundMe account for homeless man Johnny Bobbitt is gone.

"We just learned this morning that all of the Go Fund me money is gone," Bobbitt's attorney Chris Fallon told our sister station New Jersey 101.5 in an email.

New Jersey resident Kate McClure and boyfriend Marc D'Amico created a GoFundMe page for Bobbitt after he gave her his last $20 to her last November when she ran out of gas on Route 95 in South Philadelphia. The page raised more than $400,000 for the former Marine.

But Bobbitt has said he was not given access to the money and suspected the couple used the money to go on several trips across the country, and for D'Amico to buy a car. He filed suit against the couple and a judge ordered them to turn over whatever money remains in the account by last Friday.

The couple missed the deadline.

Fallon told told 6 ABC Action News the revelation the money is missing came out during a conference call on Tuesday with the couple's attorney, Ernest Badway.

A hearing regarding the lawsuit is scheduled to be held on Wednesday in New Jersey Superior Court, according to the 6 ABC report. Fallon said he did not know the couple's current whereabouts.

D'Amico admitted to Megyn Kelly on NBC that he'd used $500 of the money meant for Bobbitt to go gambling, but he told Kelly he had permission and paid it back.

Images of the trips that the couple shared on social media have since been deleted or made private. A listener provided Townsquare Media with screenshots of the pictures.

The couple told Kelly last week that they used their own money for the trips and vehicles, and said there was $150,000 left in the account although did not offer any proof.

Their attorney, Ernest Badway, declined comment when reached Tuesday.

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