Karli K here! I have some really exciting news. If you know me, which I’m sure you do by now, I am always coming at you guys with the latest food news. Well, that's exactly what I have today. This one is coming from Popeyes!  They are getting ready to start selling beignets nationwide! 

First and foremost, you might be wondering what the heck a beignet even is. Let me explain. A beignet is a famous New Orleans treat that actually derives from the French. It is almost like a doughnut. It’s deep fried dough, typically with powdered sugar.. I’ve heard that they aren't as sweet either but I have never had one! The biggest difference is their shape and texture. 

This new addition to their menu was initially only being tested in the Boston area, but it will now be made available nationwide! According to delish, The treats can be purchased in three different sizes including a three-piece for $1.99, a six-piece for $3.99, and a 12-piece for $7.49. Please keep in mind that these prices could vary a bit depending on location.

Each beignet will be filled with chocolate. Not just any chocolate. Oh no. It will be filled with Hershey’s chocolate! 

To go along with the debut of their new, sweet treat, they are also going to be selling a sweatshirt! According to delish, The "Beignet Camo" crewneck is black and features a white splatter design on it so when you get covered in powdered sugar with every bite, which will 100% happen, no one will know.




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