Supporting small businesses is more important than ever right now. After the famous chicken sandwich came out last year, Popeye’s has become a household fast-food chain. Now, they’re giving away free chicken tenders in such an easy and affordable way!

Free food is always a great idea. According to Delish, throughout the rest of June, if you download and order $10 worth of food, you get free chicken tenders. Popeye’s, now famous for their chicken sandwiches, was originally famous for their crispy chicken tenders.

Trust me, in-app deals have some of the restaurant's best-kept secrets. For example, Wendy’s is constantly offering deals in their app such as discounts or free food. Both the Popeyes and Wendy's apps are free to join and you most likely get a good deal once you officially download the app!

Popeye’s is also offering another amazing deal. Through June 30th, if you spend more than $15 on your order, you can get free delivery on the app! Free delivery is especially helpful during this time if you feel uncomfortable going inside the food chain restaurant for pick up.

It is super important to support businesses amid the Coronavirus pandemic, and what better way to support them by purchasing their free app, spending a small $10, AND still receiving a free meal. Nothing can beat that!


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