Tis the season to beware of porch pirates.

Every year, thousands of packages are stolen right from people's front door steps, especially during the holidays.

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Even though millions of people have invested in Ring doorbells and security cameras, it doesn't seem to deter the scumbags from stealing anyway.

But here's some good news. Now if a porch pirate is caught in Pennsylvania, they face steeper penalties.

A new law has just been passed in Pennsylvania making porch pirating and stealing packages a felony

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The law, introduced by by Bucks County Senator Frank Farry, makes the consequences steeper for repeat offenders:

"Theft of mail is currently charged under other theft offenses based solely on the value of the item taken.  My legislation would implement specific penalties for theft of mail, which includes a package, bag or letter.  The grading of this offense would increase if the person has prior convictions for theft of mail."

It takes a special sort of scumbag to steal other people's hard-earned things during the holidays - especially if they're presents for children.

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During the holidays, porch pirates take advantage like kids in the candy store. So even with this new law in place, it's still important to do your due diligence to protect your property.

  • If you order packages, especially if they're expensive, do your best to track your package every step of the way and make sure someone is at home to collect it.
  • You could even ask a trusted neighbor to take it for you if you're not home.
  • Do NOT allow your packages to sit unattended at your front door for an extended amount of time.
  • At the very least, it's a good idea to invest in surveillance cameras or Ring doorbells with cameras to help identify the Grinchy thieves.

If they're caught, they'll pay a stiff price!

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