Have you ever seen those videos on social media of people with 'pocket' sized pot belly pigs? It gives a very "Charlotte's Web" vibe, and yes... these tiny, baby pigs that fit in the palm of your hand are SO oinkin' cute. And it can be tempted to buy one for a Christmas present.

But eventually, they grow up.

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According to The Philadelphia InquirerDelaware is facing a pig problem that's been on the rise since 2016. Full-grown, adult potbellied pigs are running wild in rural, residential areas, becoming a nuisance and disrupting the community.

And the problem is only getting worse with these pigs increasing the feral pig population, which in turn, will increase the risk of spreading diseases.

Photo by Peter Hoogmoed on Unsplash
Photo by Peter Hoogmoed on Unsplash

But how did they get there? They started as pets. Those cute little "pocket pigs" or "micro pigs" grew up and became so big, that their owners who weren't prepared for such a responsibility, simply let them loose to fend for themselves in the wild.

According to the Inquirer, pot belly pigs can grow up to be 70-200 pounds, and can live between 15-20 years old. A MUCH bigger commitment than your average dog.

In fact, they've become so rampant in Delaware that orders are being placed to "dispatch immediately" if they're seen in state parks and state forests. Which is such a shame, considering that this is a man-made problem.

Photo by brittany sawyer on Unsplash
Photo by brittany sawyer on Unsplash

Other untagged pigs that are found without identification, or are simply running around, will be assumed as strays, and “swift action will be taken to mitigate any threats.”

Let's not be like Delaware, New Jersey. Yes, the idea of opening a Christmas present with an adorably little piggy inside is thrilling, and will attract a lot of attention. Yes it'd be fun while they're still little. But that alone, is no reason to buy one. If you buy a pet, be prepared to take care of it for the rest of its life.

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