If you ever had a fantasy of dating your college professor and having a steamy love affair like in the movies, keep dreaming because its not happening!. At least not at Princeton University. Last week the Ivy league announced a new policy that is being put into place effective immediately: no faculty member is allowed to initiate or engage  in romantic or sexual relationships with any graduate students.

Before this ban was established, Professors were allowed to date graduate students at the school as long as they were not in any of his/hers classes or under their supervision. However, it light of the #MeToo movement, plus a nationwide call for stricter guidelines when it comes to teacher-student relationships, the university thought it would be in their best interest to put a new policy in place.

It is already forbidden for professors to engage in relationships with undergraduate students. But graduate students, who are in their late 20s or 30s, were previously permitted to date professors they did not work with or study under.

The  good news is, Princeton vows to bot break up any current relationships. If a professor has already been dating a graduate student, they will be allowed to continue their relationship. But from this point forward, no new relationships are allowed to be formed.

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