Many car owners complain about how expensive car insurance can be and honestly they aren’t wrong. For those of you that live in the state of New Jersey, you have a right to complain since it is the thirds most expensive state when it comes to car insurance.

According to, Newark and Elizabeth are two of the most expensive cities in the Garden state. But check this out. Princeton, Freehold, and Toms River are some of the cheapest cities when it comes to car insurance.

It was also mentioned on that the Garden State is actually one of the safest states to drive in. Drivers are in less danger here than any other state in the country.

If you are a bad driver you are the one that is getting the biggest hit with the car insurance prices. reported that if you are given a speeding ticket expect your insurance premiums to increase by over 20%. Ouch.

Cherry Hill lands on the 6th spot of the cheapest cities in New Jersey when it comes to car insurance. Trenton takes the 19th spot.

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