The title says it all! Princeton was rated an overall A+ by for 2020’s best town to live in New Jersey. Niche is a website that rates cities, towns, colleges, and schools, to give people the inside scoop on which places are top notch and which are total flops.

According to Patch, Niche rates these areas by putting out their own “report cards.” These reports will give out letter grades in every category from safety of the town/school to the amount of diversity it has. For Princeton’s report card, they were given an A+ in public schools, A in nightlife, A- in diversity, B+ in jobs, and C- in cost of living (did we mention that living in a nice town usually will be super expensive?).

Once you see these letter grades at the top of your screen you can scroll down the page and see each category in more detail which gives vital information you would want to look at before visiting these places. According to Patch, Niche also provides reviews of the place you are looking for from actual people who have visited/lived at that location!

As a New Jersey resident, I have always known that Princeton is a fun and safe town to be in with plenty of restaurants, bars, and activities. They also have top of the chart high schools as well as Ivy League school, Princeton University (go Tigers!). There really is nothing to hate about Princeton and just reaffirms that.



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