The dire situation many find themselves in at this point with the Coronavirus spread could be worse if not for the highly trained and professionally helpful first responders who have put themselves on the front line regardless of the dangers.

Their sacrifices save the lives of many and should be celebrated openly – which is exactly what a group of Princeton families decided to do.  A few residents in Princeton have decorated fences with signs to show support for those on the front lines fighting COVID-19, reports.

Locals have shared the images/videos of these inspirational signs on social media in recent days. Like this video from Debra Cohn:

The inspiring messages were posted from the Crotty, Morris and Pomraning families. They live at the intersection of Herrontown Road and Snowden Lane, says. In fact, some of their family members are first responders who are on the frontlines right now.

The signs include messages like these (shouting out to doctors, grocery workers, teachers, delivery workers, and more):

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One of our favorite signs reminded us to FaceTime our elders (because they're alone too), and of course, don't hog the snacks.

Showing gratitude for the selflessness of these workers is a sentiment that can’t be overshared. We're all in this together!

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