Just call me the pumpkin patrol - whenever I see news about pumpkin spiced lattes, I have to share it with everyone!

Yesterday, Dunkin' posted this picture on their Facebook page:

Immediately, people were speculating that it was pumpkin coffee! I have to admit, they threw me off with the stool and background. It doesn't exactly scream pumpkin to me, so I was skeptical.

This morning, Dunkin' did confirm that commenters were correct and pumpkin-flavored coffee and treats will be returning to stores next Wednesday, 8/19!

I'm drooling looking at the video of the pumpkin goodies. I love the lattes, and I love getting a pumpkin muffin when I feel like treating myself!

Now that Dunkin' has given us a date on when we can expect pumpkin coffee, maybe Starbucks will follow. About 2 weeks ago, I told you that Starbucks confirmed PSLs were back for 2020, but they didn't tell us when exactly. My friend found a countdown at her local store, but the company itself hasn't given confirmation.

You know me, I love warm weather, and I hate it when people post about Halloween when Summer isn't even close to over, BUT, that does not apply for pumpkin - the sooner, the better! I wish places would consider keeping the flavor around all year.

Will you be first in line to grab a pumpkin coffee at Dunkin' next week? Or is it not your thing?

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