There was an A-list celebrity spotted in Newark, New Jersey today, and residents were searching the area to sneak a peak or snap a selfie.

Queen Latifah was with Ras Baraka, who is the Mayor of Newark this morning at a ceremony for the new living complex she co-founded. This morning they were seen together celebrating the beginning part of the construction of a new living situation on Springfield Ave. for Newark residents.

The complex is being built along 19th Avenue, South 16th Street, and South 17th Street in Newark, NJ.  "Rise Living is a collaboration between Life Assets Development, Gonsosa, and the BlueSugar Corporation, which was co-founded by Queen Latifah." according to

The goal of the living development is to build up the future of Newark and will help revamp the properties that reside along the streets of 19th Ave., South 16th St., and South 17th St.

The team that Newark native Queen Latifah is working with to make this $14 million living situation happen is focused on giving the Newark residents a modern housing option.

This living development has got everything in it. It looks like it will include touchless entry, washers and driers in each unit, hardwood floors, green roofs, air conditioning, and all appliances will be stainless steel.

To make the residents' lives a bit easier, they also are going to be offering free Wi-Fi in all common areas, online portals for maintenance issues, and rent payments as well.

This living development has been in the making since January of this year, 2022, and pre-leasing is expected to start in July of this year.

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