You may not know this, but if you're a big hockey fan, you may be watching a local resident skate on the ice without even knowing it.

There's a young man by the name of Ross Colton from Robbinsville that plays for the Tampa Bay Lightning. In fact, he is number 79 and he is doing a fantastic job at representing Mercer County in the NHL with his stats this season.

TapInto reports that Ross Colton is just 24 years old and signed with the Tampa Bay Lighting  three years ago. Ross has been an athlete for a very long time and got into playing hockey at a very young age. When the NHL had a delayed season, Ross even came back to Robbinsville to help coach the very team that he used to play on, the Mercer Chiefs.

Ross has had a very impressive career so far, and is a very impressive young man, not to mention very good looking. I know I'll be looking for him on tv from now on. You can read more about his career as well as his life and contributions to the local community here.

I love telling this story about a time I went to Miami for a bachelorette party and ending up hanging out with the Miami Lightning. My friend was getting married and we went to Story which is a very popular club in Miami.

The girls I was with were smoke shows. So naturally we got into the hottest clubs and VIP areas. We were in this one area and end up hanging out with this group of guys. Some of them didn't introduce themselves, some of them did. One of our friends said we were hanging out with a hockey team. None os us really followed hockey, but we were hanging out with the Tampa Bay Lighting.

Now these guys were fun and one of them even wanted to whisk our one friend away and make her a "hockey wife." One of the girls talked to her boyfriend when we all got home and he was blown away and so jealous that we hung out with these guys. I wish I followed hockey, so I would have been more excited about it, but to be honest, it was just a fun experience for me and an awesome story to tell.

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